Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The donations come rolling in

It's been an... eventful couple of months. I have not blogged as often as I should.  I will do better now, I promise.

My first mailing, of 75 or so letters, went out in late January.  Which is much later than I intended.  But I must be livin' clean or something, since the donations have been coming back fast and furious.  I've entered some of what I have received into our school auction website - go see what I've received so far (click the "Catalog" link at the top of that page.)

The mind-blowing discovery of the week came when I found this company: Versaic (here is their client list, and here is a shorter, even more partial version of the client list, but one with links to the company pages.

Versaic provides online donation-request forms and sponsorship-request forms for various national companies. Which makes them very useful to auction chairs like me.

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  1. Hi Roger!
    Rather than separate websites/applications for every donor, you will have an easier time with one application on that can be used to request from all of the companies on our system. Just thought I'd mention it here in case it helps!